Dental Treatment and Services

Restorative Treatment


Dental Fillings are used to repair damaged or missing parts of a tooth. Before a Filling can be placed, your Dentist may need to remove any sections of decay in the tooth, or any broken fragments.
The Filling can be either an amalgam (silver filling material) or a tooth coloured composite which are generally the Filling of choice. The Filling blends into the tooth giving it a natural look.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment may be necessary if there is infection or inflammation in the nerve of your tooth. If a tooth becomes damaged or infected, the nerve inside it may need to be removed. The most common cause of infection is from dental decay. This causes irritation, pain and swelling. Root Canal Treatment involves removing the damaged nerve and treating the infection in order to prevent the loss of the tooth.

Extractions/Surgical Extractions

If your tooth cannot be repaired with a Filling or a Crown, it may be necessary to remove the tooth as a last resort.

Frequently asked questions

When a tooth develops decay, the decay is removed and the tooth is restored with a Filling to stir more bacteria entering the tooth. Fillings can be either:
– Amalgam: A mix of metal alloys that contain a small amount of mercury. They are dark in colour, not so popular nowadays.
– Composite: These are popular and natural looking. They are made of resin and they match the colour of the natural tooth.

Root Treatment is when the pulp – the soft tissue at the centre of the tooth, containing blood vessels and nerves – is removed. This is carried out if the pulp becomes infected due to decay which generally leads to pain. The diseased pulp is removed, then cleaned and a root filling is placed to seal the root canal.

Dental tip

When the bristles of your toothbrush start to spread out, you must replace it, as the bristles will not reach below the gum line

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